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What is the Carfax Buyback Guarantee? – When and How to Get a Guaranteed Value for Your Used Car

What is Carfax?

Carfax is a vehicle history reporting company that collects information about the life of millions of used cars from 20 European countries, the US, and Canada.

They create a vehicle history for each car they know and make it accessible to users. The information helps you to verify sales statements, avoid costly follow-up costs, and negotiate an fair price for the vehicle. CarFax was founded in 1984 and has since become the industry standard for vehicle history reporting due to its comprehensive database of over 50 million vehicles worldwide.


What is the Carfax Buyback Guarantee?

The CarFax Buyback Guarantee is a guarantee offered by CarFax that states they will buy back an eligible, registered vehicle if the report you received before purchasing your vehicle excluded any of the following problems that are later reported by a Department of Motor Vehicles.

This offer is valid for one year from the date of purchase and only applies if there are discrepancies between the original report and any subsequent reports from a Department of Motor Vehicles. The offer does not cover items such as wear and tear or mileage discrepancies, nor does it apply to vehicles that have been sold or transferred to another owner since purchase. Furthermore, CarFax may change the terms of this guarantee at any time without prior notice.


When and How to Get a Guaranteed Value for Your Used Car Using Carfax?

Step 1: Decide what you want from the Carfax of your car

What you want from a Carfax report of your used car depends on your needs and purposes. Generally, you can expect to find detailed information such as:

– Owner history

– Title history

– Major accidents and damage reports

– Maintenance records and service history details

– Mileage information such as when the vehicle was last registered, how many miles it has traveled since then, etc.

Step 2: Look for vehicles with Carfax Buyback Guarantee

1. Research the make, model and year of the vehicle you are interested in buying.

2. Look for a CARFAX Vehicle History Report accompanying the vehicle on the dealership lot or online at

3. Read through the report carefully to ensure there are no issues with branding or odometer problems listed in it

4. If everything looks good, proceed with your purchase knowing that if there is an issue later discovered by DMV that was not disclosed on the report provided by CARFAX, they will buy back your vehicle for its original purchase price

5 After purchasing your vehicle with Carfax Buyback Guarantee , keep all maintenance records handy just in case you need them later on

Step 3: Make an online request for a quote

1. Go to Carfax’s website and click on the “Quote Request” button.

2. Enter your contact information, including name, email address, phone number and zip code of where you would like to get a quote for a vehicle.

3. Select the type of vehicle you are interested in buying (e.g., SUV).

4. Choose whether you want to receive an email or text message when new offers become available for that specific type of car or if there is a price change for one that you have already requested quotes for previously (if applicable).

5 .Click on “Submit” when finished making your selections and requests; then wait until you receive an email notification with all the quotes from different dealerships that meet your criteria (if applicable).

Step 4: Confirm the value before you take it hom

1. Enter the vehicle’s VIN number into either CarFax or AutoCheck’s website.

2. Follow the prompts and pay your fee for a report on the vehicle’s history, quality, and level of safety.

3. Review the report for any warning signs about the vehicle’s safety or reliability that could impact your decision to purchase it.

4. If you are still unsure about purchasing a used car after reviewing its history report, consider hiring an independent inspector to examine it further before committing to buy it

Step 5: Get the money on the spot

1. Sign up for an AutoCheck account and create a profile.

2. Enter the details of your used car, including year, make, model and VIN number.

3. Review your report for any accidents or issues that may affect its value and condition before listing it on Carfax’s marketplace website or app..

4.. Once listed, monitor inquiries from potential buyers through the website or app and respond quickly to any questions they may have about your car’s history or condition..

5.. When you find a buyer who is willing to pay what you think is fair price for your used car , contact them directly via email or phone call to discuss payment methods such as cashier check , money order , PayPal etc…

Step 6: Make sure the title is not branded

1. Go to Carfax and enter the vehicle’s VIN number.

2. Select the “Title Brand” option from the dropdown menu and click “Search”.

3. Check if any branded titles appear in the search results and read their descriptions for further details about the brandings (if available).

4. If there are no branded titles listed, then it means that this vehicle has not been written off as a total loss by an insurance agency and is therefore covered by Buyback protection in AutoCheck’s Detailed Vehicle History section (Data Source will always be “Motor Vehicle Department”).

Step 7: Pay attention to the date of the Carfax

The date of a Carfax report can affect the value of a used car because it provides important information about the vehicle’s history, such as odometer readings, severe damage incidents and more.

Having access to this information allows buyers to make more informed decisions about whether or not they should purchase a particular vehicle. For example, if the car has an odometer discrepancy or has previously been in an accident, this information will be revealed in the report and could impact its value.

Step 8: Verify that you are receiving the full value guarantee

1. Read through the Terms and Conditions of the CarFax Buyback Guarantee carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered by the guarantee.

2. Be aware that CARFAX may change their terms at any time without notice, so double check them before making a purchase decision.

3. If you have any questions about whether or not a specific vehicle qualifies for coverage under the Buyback Guarantee, contact CarFax directly for clarification before making your purchase decision.

4. Verify that the used car you are considering purchasing comes with an AutoCheck report, as AutoCheck stands behind their reports 100% and will honor their Buyback Protection Agreement under all circumstances..

Step 9: Use Carfax to research other used cars

1. Access the website and order a vehicle history report for the car you are interested in purchasing.

2. Review the report for any major issues that may affect the vehicle’s condition or safety features, such as accidents or previous damage that has not been reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

3. If there are no major issues listed on the report, check if there is a guarantee that Carfax offers; this will provide extra peace of mind when making your decision to purchase or not purchase the car in question.

4. If there is no guarantee offered with your report, consider waiting until you can verify this information before committing to buy it – this will help protect yourself against purchasing a used vehicle with undisclosed issues or damage that hasn’t been officially reported to DMV