Search For Auto Recalls

A VIN is a Vehicle Identification number and each vehicle has its own unique number. The VIN is used to identify a car when there is work done on it or it is in an accident. Every car is assigned a VIN when it is manufactured and it contains 17 letters and numbers. If the car was manufactured before 1981 it may have fewer numbers.

The VIN is located several places on each vehicle. Most commonly it is on the dash near the windshield, but it can also be inside the door and on the engine of the car. Each letter and number has a meaning. The vehicle identification number tells a lot about your car including where it was made, what year, which assembly plant and even the restraint type (seat belt).

The VIN is normally listed on the title and on insurance papers. By checking the VIN, a person or organization can tell if the car was ever in an accident or fire or flood. Anyone can check for VIN backgrounds now where it used to be only officials could do this. This helps people to find out about a used car before they buy it and can be very helpful. If you are buying a car, you can check the history of that car by the VIN and if you are selling your car, any prospective buyer can get a history on the car. This ensures that information being given is accurate.