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How To Locate A VIN Number

The VIN, or vehicle identification number can be placed several places on the car. Most frequently in cars newer than 1969, the VIN is located on the drivers side dash and is visible through the windshield. Depending on the manufacturer of the car, there may also be several other places you can locate the vehicle identification number.

Often, the VIN is stamped on the frame of the car and is visible by looking between the front carburetor and the windshield washer. Many times it is also on the front of the engine block. You should be able to easily spot the VIN in any of these places, but they may also be in the trunk under the spare tire, the door jam and the back wheel well.

The vehicle identification number or VIN is 17 letters and numbers (in cars made before 1981 there may be fewer numbers) There are no letters “I” or “O” so there is no confusion with the numbers 1 and 0. It is very easy to recognize a VIN, it looks like this sample:

1 G 1 D P 2 2 P X T 2 1 1 5 0 0 6 (This is just a sample)

Again, the VIN is usually visible on more than one spot on the vehicle and the placement other than the dashboard varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You need to be able to locate the VIN of your car for the title and for insurance purposes. The VIN will be used whenever you have your car serviced for any reason and that goes onto the VIN history. It is like a medical history for your car. It is very important that you understand how to find your VIN number. If necessary, you can write the number down somewhere safe where you will be able to find it should you need it.

Check through the windshield on the drivers side first because that is the one place most manufacturers place it. If you cannot see or read it, then look at the other mentioned places such as the door jam.