Vehicle Fraud & Car Problems

  • Flood Water Damaged Vehicles
    Storms and floods can cause major problems for cars and car owners. A car can be flooded numerous ways from faulty weather stripping to being in an actual flood.
  • Odometer Rollback Fraud Problems
    Odometer fraud is the act of setting back the mileage meter so that the car appears to have been driven less than it has. This is highly illegal but it is done more than you may think.
  • Salvage Title
    A car is deemed necessary of a salvage title when two or more major components of the vehicle, such as the engine, body, doors or transmission are deemed worthless. Insurance companies are the only ones who can make that determination. Salvaged titles are normally a different color than original titles.
  • VIN and Flood Damage
    Cars get flooded via rain storms, tropical storms and hurricanes. Many flooded cars are determined to be totaled by the insurance company and are hauled to the junk yard.