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Ultimate Car Warranty FAQ List

Do you have questions about car warranties or vehicle service contracts? Here is a comprehensive list of questions and answers!

General Car Warranty Questions

What is a Car Warranty?
What is a vehicle service contract?
Why do I need a vehicle service contract?
Why Get an Extended Car Warranty?
What’s the difference between a vehicle service contract and a manufacturer’s warranty?
How Long Does a Car Warranty Last?
Do Used Car Extended Warranties Come With Additional Benefits?
What Does a Car Warranty Cover?
Is There a Mileage Restriction with Coverage Plans?
How long does a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty policy last for?
I’m a Rideshare/Delivery Driver. Can I Get Coverage?
What Kinds of Vehicles Do Extended Warranties Cover?
What else should I be aware of when buying an extended warranty?
What vehicle upkeep am I responsible for in order for my service contract to remain valid?
If I get a vehicle service contract, can I still work with my local mechanic?

Types of Car Warranties

How Do I Keep My Extended Warranty Coverage Active?
What is Extended Vehicle Protection vs. A Used Car Extended Warranty or Extended Auto Warranty?
Why do I need A Used Car Extended Warranty?
Why should I buy Extended Vehicle Protection now? I Am Still Covered By The Manufacturer’s Auto Warranty?
Why Get an Extended Warranty?
What Are Extended Warranties?
What is extended service coverage? Is this the same thing as an Extended Warranty?
My car is still under warranty, is there any benefit to purchasing an Extended Warranty now?

Car Warranty Claims

How do I File a Car Warranty Claim?
How Do You Check If a Car Is Still Under Warranty?
How Are Used Car Extended Warranty Claims Paid?
Are Used Car Extended Warranties Insured?
Where Can I Take My Vehicle For Repairs?
How Does The Claims Process Work With Used Car Extended Warranties?
How can a vehicle warranty policy be invalidated?
How are vehicle service contract claims paid?

Cost of Car Warranties

How Much Does a New Car Warranty Cost?
I Have Been Quoted Lower Auto Warranty Prices. Why Should I Buy An Extended Vehicle Protection Plan?
How Does The Deductible On A Used Car Extended Warranty Work?
Are There Payment Options For Used Car Extended Warranties?

Transferring and Buying Car Warranties

Can A Used Car Extended Warranty Be Canceled?
Is An Extended Used Car Warranty Transferable?
Can I buy an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan from my dealer?
Does the Warranty Transfer to the New Owner if I sell My Car?
Is a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty still valid even if the car is sold before the end of the term?
What happens if I sell my car? Is my vehicle service contract transferable?
Can I purchase extensions and upgrades to my vehicle service contract?