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Just What Is a Car Recall? Car Safety Recall Definition - A safety recall is an automotive manufacturer's way of notifying vehicle customers that their product has a flaw. The automobile problem is serious enough that if you do not correct the flaw your and/or your passengers' safety could be at risk. Generally recalls are initiated by the US Government, but sometimes individual car manufacturers will pre-emptively initiate a recall.

Where Do I Find My VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)? Look on the lower left of your car’s windshield for your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN is also located on your car’s registration card, and it may be shown on your insurance card.

Auto Tip - How Do I Find Out If My Vehicle Has A Recall? ==> An easy way to determine if you have an active car recall is to just enter your VIN number at the top of this page and CarFax will report if there are any issues at all with your vehicle.


Tesla NEMA 10-30 ADAPTER


    Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla) is recalling certain Universal Mobile Connector Adapters, models NEMA 14-30 (part number 1018243-00-A or 1018243-00-B), NEMA 10-30 (part number 1016174-00-B), and NEMA 6-50 (part number 1016021-00-B or 1016021-00-A). The affected adapters may have insufficient welds within the cable which can result in increased electrical resistance.